Footlong Baked Subs

Italian Sub – 7.75

Ham, large pepperoni, genoa salami, capicola, smoked applewood bacon, fresh basil, olive oil tomato and red onion salsa, blend of greens, mayonnaise, and cheese blend.

Meatball Sub – 6.99

Homemade meatballs, slow simmered beef tomato sauce, cheese blend, large pepperoni, romano, Italian parsley, and extra virgin olive oil drizzle.

Deluxe Sub – 6.99

Ham, large pepperoni, fresh mushroom, red onion, green peppers, green olives, blend of greens, tomato, cheese blend, and zesty sriracha mayonnaise.


Roasted Chicken Club – 7.50

Chicken seasoned to perfection, smoked applewood bacon, blend of greens, tomato, sharp cheddar, mayonnaise, and cheese blend.


Sub A La Protein – 9.99

Ham, large pepperoni, chicken, genoa salami, smaoked applewood bacon, cheese blend, blend of greens, tomato, 12″ italian sausage patty and a side of zesty sriracha ranch.

Create your own – 5.50

Ham & Cheese

Vegetable – .30 each

meat – .65 each

baked chicken – 1.50

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