Pizzas & Strombolis


                                                           10″                       14″                   18″

Cheese                                       5.25                      8.95                    12.50

Per Item                                    0.75                      1.25                     1.75

Per Specialty Item             1.50                        2.50                     3.50

Extra Cheese                         1.00                       1.50                     2.00

Thin crust available upon request.

Butter garlic romano crust available upon request.

Standard Toppings

salsiccia (our real Italian sausage), ham, large pepperoni, smoked applewood bacon, capicola, genoa salami, fresh mushrooms, red onion, in-house pickled red onions, green pepper, green and black olives, tomato, jalapeño, yellow pepper rings, fresh garlic, fresh basil, gorgonzola, anchovy, feta, and pineapple.

Specialty Toppings

Baked chicken, pesto, shrimp, and olive topenade.


What’s a Stromboli?  It is our pizza dough rolled up and filled with cheese and your choice of three standard toppings.  Then we cut it into 4 slices and serve with a side of pizza sauce.


(0.50 per extra topping)

Specialty Pizzas & Strombolis

Sauce is served on the side for Strombolis

Chef’s Fireworks 

Pizza 14″  17.75; 18″ 23.95 Stromboli 9.99

Capicola, large pepperoni, salsiccia (sausage), cheese blend, gorgonzola, blended live topenade with a hint of anchovy and caper, roasted garlic and arrabiata (angry tomato)sauce.

Club Roma

Pizza 14″ 16.95; 18″ 23.95 Stromboli 8.99

Ham, large pepperoni, genoa salami, smoked applewood bacon, cheese blend, olive oil tomato and red onion salsa, fresh basil, and pizza sauce.

BLT Sriracha

Pizza 14″ 15.95;18’21.95 Stromboli 8.50

Smoked applewood bacon, fresh spinach chiffonade, tomato, cheese blend, sharp cheddar, Alfredo sauce, and red hot sriracha swirl.  (Stromboli served with zesty sriracha ranch, not alfredo)

Surf ‘n Turf

Pizza 14″ 16.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 9.99

Our baked black tiger shrimp, smoked applewood bacon, olive oil tomato and red onion salsa, fresh basil, cheese blend and fresh lemon zest with romano Alfredo sauce.

Pesto Primavera

Pizza 14″ 16.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 9.99

Baked chicken, seared broccoli, cauliflower and carrot mix, cheese blend, roasted garlic and pesto genovese.20140307-DSC_5826


Pizza 14″ 15.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 8.99

Ham, large pepperoni, fresh mushroom, red onion, green pepper, green olive, cheese blend, salsiccia and pizza sauce.

Greek Rockefeller

Pizza 14″ 16.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 9.50

Baked chicken, red onion, black olives, tomatoes lightly coated in Greek Vinaigrette, cheese blend, feta, and Greek Rockefeller sauce (cream, fresh spinach, and Greek ouzo flambe.)


BBQ Chicken

Pizza 14′ 16.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 8.99

Baked chicken, in-house pickled red onions, cheese blend, sharp cheddar, blessed Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.  (“Blessed” with Chef’s red wine tomato sofrito.)

Southwest Ranch

Pizza 14″ 16.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 9.25

Smoked paprika rubbed chicken, green pepper, red onion, tomato, sharp cheddar, cheese blend, jalapeños, and southwest cream sauce.  (Stromboli served with zesty sriracha ranch;not southwest cream sauce.)


Buffalo Chicken

Piszza 14″ 16.95; 18″ 22.95 Stromboli 8.99

Chicken seasoned and coated with smoked paprika butter buffalo sauce, cheese blend, gorgonzola, minced red onion and Red Wine Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Dressing on the side.

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