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Footlong Garlic Bread w/cheese – 4.99

Homemade garlic butter, our cheese blend.  Served with our beef tomato sauce on the side.

Cezar’s Cheesy Bread Sticks – 6.50

12″ thick-crust pizza dough breadsticks with homemade garlic butter and shredded cheese blend.  Served with pizza sauce or homemade ranch.

Smoked Applewood Bacon Bread – 7.99

12″ thick-curst pizza dough breadsticks with homemade garlic butter, shredded italian cheese blend, smoked applewood bacon, and freshly grated sharp cheddar.  Served with Zesty Sriracha Ranch and pizza sauce on the side.


Dressed Up Focaccia -8.99

Pesto Genovese, large pepperoni, tomato, red onion, green pepper, gorgonzola and cheese blend.  Served on a 12″ thick-crust pizza dough, cut into squares.